Astoria Loft Espresso Machine - White with Free Grinder

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Compact 1-Group Espresso machine,

  • Perfect for use at home.
  • Combines very stylish Italian design with high-quality technology.
  • Equipped with E61 brewing group, 1.8L copper boiler and powerful two-circuit system.
  • Comes with a pressure gauge and large and handy rotary valve handles.
  • Includes a complete kit of accessories to enhance your brewing experience.
  • Comes with free Domus grinder in matching color


Elevate your home brewing experience with the Astoria Loft Espresso Machine in a pristine White finish, complete with a free matching Domus grinder. This compact 1-group espresso machine seamlessly blends stylish Italian design with high-quality technology, offering a complete and delightful home brewing experience.

Key Features:

Compact Design: Tailored for home use, the 1-group configuration ensures a compact footprint, making it an ideal addition to your home coffee setup.
Stylish Italian Design: The Astoria Loft boasts a stylish Italian design that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your home brewing space.
Advanced Technology:

E61 Brewing Group: Renowned for reliability and temperature stability, the E61 brewing group ensures a consistent and superior espresso extraction.
1.8L Copper Boiler: The copper boiler enhances heat retention and conductivity, contributing to the machine's efficiency.
Powerful Two-Circuit System: Provides simultaneous brewing and steaming capabilities, adding versatility to your coffee creations.
User-Friendly Features:

Pressure Gauge: Monitor and control brewing pressure for a customized espresso experience.
Rotary Valve Handles: Large and handy rotary valve handles add convenience to the brewing process.
Complete Accessory Kit: The espresso machine comes with a comprehensive kit of accessories, enhancing your overall brewing experience.
Free Domus Grinder: A matching Domus grinder in White is included, providing you with freshly ground coffee to complement your espresso machine.

Color: White
Delivery Information: Please note that delivery may take 2-3 working days.

Elevate Your Home Brewing Experience:

Bring the passion of espresso making into your home with the Astoria Loft Espresso Machine in White. With the added convenience of a free matching Domus grinder, you can enjoy a complete and satisfying coffee ritual right in your kitchen.

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Item Condition New
Manufacturer Astoria
Colour White


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