BCB - Barista's Choice for Practice Latte Art 30ml (1oz)

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BCB has been engineered to closely replicate the texture of milk to finally allow baristas and latte artists of all levels to practice at their heart’s content without the guilt of wasting a single drop of milk. 

How does it work?

Use the dropper to squeeze a single shot of BCB  into 180ml (6oz) of cold water and forth as if it were milk. Simple as that! 

What can I do with one bottle? 

A single 30ml (1oz) bottle can replace up to 10L milk and make up to 50 lattes.

BCB stands for "Barista's Choice for Practice Latte Art," and it's a non-consumable formula specially designed to mimic the texture of milk. The primary purpose of BCB is to provide baristas and latte artists with a guilt-free way to practice their latte art skills without wasting actual milk.

How it Works:

Using BCB is a simple process. You can use the dropper to squeeze a 0.25ml shot of BCB into 180ml (6oz) of cold water. Then, froth the mixture as if it were real milk. This allows baristas to practice latte art techniques with a substance that closely replicates the texture of milk.


Guilt-Free Practice: Baristas can hone their latte art skills without the concern of wasting actual milk.
Texture Replication: BCB is engineered to closely replicate the texture of milk, providing a realistic practice experience.
Usage and Longevity:

A single 30ml (1oz) bottle of BCB can replace up to 20 liters of milk and allow for the creation of approximately 100 practice lattes. This makes BCB a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for baristas looking to enhance their latte art proficiency.

In summary, BCB offers a practical and sustainable solution for baristas and latte artists to refine their skills without the need for actual milk, making it a valuable tool in the training process.

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Manufacturer Saraya Coffee


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