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  1. Rhinowares Barista Cloth Set
    Rhinowares Barista Cloth Set
    AED 53.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  2. Thermoplan Cleaning Tablets - Bw3
    Thermoplan Cleaning Tablets - Bw3
    AED 74.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  3. Thermo Milk Tabs
    Thermo Milk Tabs
    AED 158.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  4. Thermoplan Cleaning Tablets - Bw4
    Thermoplan Cleaning Tablets - Bw4
    AED 63.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  5. Boncafetto F20 Tablets
    Boncafetto F20 Tablets
    AED 158.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  6. Boncafetto Grinder Cleaner
    Boncafetto Grinder Cleaner
    AED 95.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  7. Boncafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner
    Boncafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner
    AED 51.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  8. Boncafetto Organic Descaler
    Boncafetto Organic Descaler
    AED 31.50
    Inclusive of VAT
  9. Boncafetto Milk Frother Cleaner
    Boncafetto Milk Frother Cleaner
    AED 62.00
    Inclusive of VAT
  10. Boncafetto Restore Descaler
    Boncafetto Restore Descaler
    AED 37.00
    Inclusive of VAT
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